Time to Re-Juvenate, Re-Organize, Re-New, and Re-Evaluate.


Winter North Shore near Two Harbors, MN – photography by Karen Biwersi

It’s already the middle of February.  Where does the time go?  The winter for portrait photographers can be a slower season. That’s okay. It’s the perfect time to re-juvenate, re-organize, re-new, re-evaluate your business.  I’ve been doing just that.

Re-Juvenate: Catch up on sleep, rest your mind, exercise, watch old movies, do some vacation time.  Get out and shoot for fun, not always for business.  Plan a photography trip or family vacation.

Re-Organize: Sort photos, update software, clean desk and office area.  If you were planning on purchasing a computer, camera, lens, etc then now is a good time, so you have time to get comfortable with your new equipment before your busy season starts again.  Taxes are just around the corner.  Get them done early, don’t procrastinate.  This is also a great time to get your camera and lens sent in to the manufacture for the annual cleaning.  Having your equipment working properly and cleaned is worth the weight in gold.

Re-New: Watch some educational training and inspirational videos and books.  There have been many winters that I have gone out shooting in the snow, which is great photography, but this year it’s about the archival of my family photos and editing of my fun photos.  While I haven’t been shooting in the snow this winter, I have been following some fantastic photographers on Instagram that have been shooting this winter.  I’ll call this my inspirational outlet.  Do some searching of the type of genre that you like on Instagram and follow the photographers that you admire their work.  Educational training can be free, but I choose ones that are taught by professionals that have been in the business and are doing very well.  Some of my favorites are: Kelby One, Amy and Jordan Demos and Cole’s Classroom (which is where I found Amy and Jordan).

Re-Evaluate: Take another look at your pricing, website, portfolio and update your content to be fresh.  Ask another business own or photographer to give you constructive feedback that you can apply to your business.

Until next time.  Thanks for following.  Karen



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