Switching to a new computer was a success!

I didn’t want to leave you wondering how the transfer from old computer to new went. I’ve been delaying the purchase and also the transfer for about 6 weeks due to the big hassle it was the last time. I didn’t get started until 7pm in the evening and by 11pm I decided to quit while I was ahead. Success!

  1. First, I made a list of programs and favorites that were a must.
  2. Second, I moved most of the files, downloads, photos, etc to either Dropbox or my external hard drive and made note of where the location was.
  3. Finally, I started working on my list and downloading and installing programs that I had before, including some we take for granted like Adobe Reader for my PDF files.

Transferring to a new computer is like moving to a new house or remodeling or on a smaller scale getting a new phone. It’s a great time to decide what programs to can’t live without and those you can get rid of or at least not waste time re-installing. You may have programs or apps that you thought you’d give a try and 5 years later they are still on your computer and have gone unused. Oh boy! On the other hand, some of those programs or apps are put back to the top of your list to give them a second try.

The process of switching can be daunting, but having access to a cloud storage or external storage will definitely make the move fairly easy.

Thanks for reading. Hope your computer switch goes as well as mine did and I’ve encouraged you to “rip off the bandage” and get started.


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