Happy New Year! Which one to use: Dropbox, Google One (Drive), One Drive


Photo taken at the Minneapolis Aquatennial – by Karen Biwersi, Designer Viewpoint

Last year I decided to start a blog.  Well…I purchased a blog on the first day.  New years resolutions don’t always get started or stay.  There is always next year.  Today is next year.

I’ve decided this is going to be a journal of my work and life in 2019.  This year is going to be a big year of change.  How do you ask?  Well, this year my baby is graduating, so we will be empty nesters.  My photography business is growing and I’ve learned a ton.  I continue to learn and grow, so I thought I’d share the things I learn.  I continue to design kitchens and have lots of tips in helping others get their kitchen remodeled.


My laptop using focus stacking technique and photoshop on the screen – by Karen Biwersi, Designer Viewpoint

Yesterday I spend half the day trying to decide which platform of archiving photos I should use.   Last year I felt great that I chose Smugmug for my website, proofing and archiving, until I had several inquires about purchasing my photography.  Smugmug takes 15% of my purchase for their keeping on top of the monthly fees to have the site.  You can purchase a site of your own for archiving with unlimited storage of photos and easy to download at anytime.  There are 4 price ranges from Basic $5.66/month to Pro $41.99.  Each plan has a discount if you pay the yearly.  This is a very low price for unlimited storage, but it’s not as user friendly with social media like facebook and instagram.  So, I did a search on three big giants that archive photos and documents in the cloud.  Dropbox, Google Drive (which is now Google One), and One Drive.  Which one did I choose?  Dropbox has been the one that I have used for several years and it came in second place after reading an article about the comparison of the three.  I’m going to stay with Dropbox for now and continue to pay for the 1TB of storage as the free storage is only 2GB.  However, the first place choice One Drive from the article does come with Microsoft suite, which I will need as I change to a new laptop (my current one is completely full and I’ve spent 6 months limping along as I dumped photos and documents on Dropbox).  Can I use all 3?  Yes, it’s just how much do you want to pay every month?  My extended family uses Google Photos (Drive/One) and I’ll use it to share family photos with them using my free account of 15GB and post photos on my blog.  At this time I will also continue to use Smugmug for my website as it has so many options.

The question is how to sell my photography work online and keep my profit?  More on this later as I’m still researching.  Right now, I need to get to the new computer and switch over everything.  Uggh!


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